The VMI practitioner licensing certification equips practitioners with the understanding, tools, skills, practice, and support to work with this profoundly transformative process.



Vertical Leadership Development (VLD) is quickly becoming the go-to development approach.



A simplified VLD.

While there are several VLD models that come with robust assessments, we heard from clients a need for an approach that bridges these models, simplifies VLD without dumbing it down, and is both scalable and affordable.


A scalable solution.

The Vertical Mindset Indicator (VMI) is the first instrument that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver VLD assessment, making it affordable and scalable while maintaining the integrity and rigor of decades of empirical analysis most all the VLD assessments share.


Offering a developmental experience.

More than an assessment, the VMI is a developmental experience. It combines a sentence stem completion assessment with online, group, and 1:1 coaching to laser in on specific growth opportunities and actions for developing mindset capacity. For those who want to take it further, the unique digital platform, Adeption, builds on the VMI with VLD focused continuous learning paths.


The practitioner certification.

The VMI Practitioner License provides coaches and leadership development professionals the access, awareness, community, and ongoing learning necessary to deliver the VMI.

Upcoming dates

Depending on your background in vertical development, we offer two tracks: the standard track and an accelerated track.

28 - 29 Sept

10am – 2pm ET

13 Oct

10am – 1 pm ET

2 - 3 Nov

6pm – 10pm ET

Don’t see a date that works for you? Let us know at

Which track is for me?


Practitioner License for coaches who have no or some understanding of Vertical Leadership Development models.

The program includes:

    • Approximately 12 hours total

    • VMI and 1:1 coaching session

    • Self-paced learning on Vertical Leadership Development (VLD) foundations and stages of development

    • Two four-hour immersive facilitated, virtual workshops

    • Practice and mentoring with a VMI debrief

    • Access to a community of practice


Accelerated Practitioner License for coaches who are certified in one of the other VLD sentence stem tools, such as MAP, GLP, or LDF and/or have a deep understanding of the stages. The program includes:

  • Approximately 6 hours total

  • VMI and 1:1 coaching session

  • Optional self-paced learning

  • One, three-hour immersive facilitated virtual workshop with other seasoned VLD coaches to explore the similarities and distinctions between the VMI and others and other VLD tools and approaches

  • Practice with the VMI

  • Mentoring optional

What do I get with my license?


Solid grounding in Vertical Development theory and how it shows up in real life


Understanding of how the VMI is scored


Practice with coaching approaches for debriefing VMI results


Resources and white papers


Quarterly webinars on topics such as Vertical Development and Personality, VMI and 360 assessments, Building Range across Different Mindsets, Vertical Development and organizational Culture, etc.


Your own VMI experience


A practice VMI and mentoring session


Access to the Adeption continuous development suite that builds on the VMI experience


Ongoing community with practitioners and thought leaders in the field

VMI Practitioner License Options



*Requires previous certification in delivery of MAP, GLP, LDF, or other in-depth training with Adult Development or Vertical Development training models.

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