Vertical Mindset Indicator


Assess your mindset and identify areas for growth





The assessment at a glance.

Who it is for?

From c-level leaders to frontline employees of organizations.

Anyone who collaborates with a team and leads through complexity.



What's involved?

  • 1O-2O minute assessment
  • 15-minute unpack your results digital workout.  1-1 or group coach debrief options are available.

Utilizing the power of AI

The VMI brings together research rigor with machine learning and rolls it together in a scalable and accessible platform to support leaders in all levels of an organization.


Backed by research

Based on the well respected Washington University Sentence Stem Completion test (WUSSC), research done with Harvard University, and 1O,OOOs of leaders across nationalities and industries.

What you’ll get from the VMI.

What mindset stage you currently operate from and the defining characteristics of your individual range.

Your leadership style, how you work in teams, and the way you communicate professionally and personally.

How the patterns of thought, action, interaction, and perception both define and limit your effectiveness.

What the next stage looks like and how you can expand to respond to increasing challenge and complexity, and communicate across contexts.

The VMI experience.



Receive an email link to the platform, complete sentence stems to identify vertical stage and range.



Participants receive their VMI report with vertical range and center of gravity, strengths, opportunities for development, etc.



Digital workout to dig into results, apply learnings, and distill reflections to strategic action.



Options to take learning further: Group debrief, Leadership Hacks library of follow-on workouts or 1:1 coaching.

Why we need vertical development right now.


Leaders at all levels are facing challenges they have never known before.  It’s no longer enough to be good at what you do. Leaders need to have a greater range of understanding, resilience, empathy, and ability to respond that enables them to adapt and lead across constantly changing situations.

Vertical Development builds the capacity to deal with complexity.  Vertically developed leaders are able to think more systemically, see the long-term possibilities, embrace challenges from multiple perspectives, and lead as interdependent collaborators.

These leaders are needed at all levels, not just in formal or senior leadership roles.  Vertical development assessments are an important tool in helping leaders grow more adaptive mindsets. The VMI is a quick, inexpensive, and readily accessible way to gauge mindset and where one tends to fall on the vertical development journey.

Your different mindset ranges.



Focuses on conforming with the rules and norms of the organization



Motivated to gain mastery and expertise. Values logic and respects other experts



Driven by goals, achievement and meeting the standards they have set



Inspired by meaning & purpose. Challenges status quo to finds new ways



Generates organizational and personal transformations. Sees the system


Brings together disparate elements to transform beyond the previously known


Key applications of VMI insights.



Looks at how a leader’s mindset affects his or her leadership effectiveness



Identifies opportunities for development focus and practice based on mindset and contextual leadership needs



Shows how the leadership culture impacts individual leader’s behaviors and thinking

Our research partners.


The VMI builds on the work of Susanne Cook-Greuter, a world authority on leadership maturity. Her leader maturity profile (MAP) has been validated across many cultures and populations.  Since 198O, she has analyzed more than 11,OOO MAP tests in more than 2OO different academic and business contexts.

Jan Rybeck, MCC brings over 25 years of experience working with individuals, teams, and organizations across the public and private sectors to grow their capacities to meet complexity and change. A thought and practice leader with both coaching and Vertical Development, Jan leads the VMI coaching offering.

Nick Petrie, author of Future Trends in Leadership Development whitepaper, has helped propel the concept of Vertical Development and Mindset into the Leadership Development community.

The VMI for teams experience.


This 3 month program supports performance and the growth and development of every individual in your team. The time investment is minimal and focused on doing the work that you need to do. Team and individual development is an outcome, not the core work.


Evaluation and analysis

Complete the individual and team assessment along with the individual debrief workout on the Adeption platform.  Join the live group debrief session to understand your vertical stage of development and set the foundation for team growth.


AI powered platform

The Unpack Your Results workout helps you make sense of your individual report and provides insight into how your team functions together.  Between workshops, use the platform to capture inspiration and plan an on-the-job experiment.


Live workshops

Our facilitators help make sense of the challenges your team is facing and share inspiration for improvement.  After on-the-job experiments, reflect on learnings, share insights and progress, and build guidelines for your team moving forward.

VMI options

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