Grow your leader’s capacity

We aim to build leaders with more capability and capacity. You know your leaders are a key part of your organization. With Adeption’s leadership development platform, you can build skills and agility in even more of your people.


Adeption does this with a blend of synchronous and asynchronous coaching embedding the vertical principles of perspective, heat, and reflection.

How do you grow?


What do others’ think? What do others’ do? How does that fit into what you do? 

Colliding perspectives are provided with Adeption’s word clouds, peer connections, shared insights, and expert tools to help frame your own thinking


What can you do? What can you change? What can you impact? Putting yourself in situations out of your comfort zone changes you and the situation.

Adeption is not just about knowing, it’s about doing as well – use Adeption to plan actions, with reminders and nudges to help


How did it go? What did you learn? What would you do next time?

Reflecting on and sharing your insights so others can learn as well, are a key piece of an Adeption workout. These shared insights are all part of what you can open up for your team in Adeption

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Agile development with HR Examiner

Curious about how you can apply short cycle interactions as seen in manufacturing and software to leadership development? And want to know what broccoli has to do with it? Listen to the podcast interview here. 

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Talking development with

Talking development with

Connecting with the folks at How do leaders learn? Taking deliberate actions that are aligned with what is important to them and their organizations, and supported by social connections / community. What’s our noble purpose? Democratizing leadership...

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The thinking behind Adeption

The thinking behind Adeption

  The Adeption story  Want to know more on the principles and thinking behind Adeption? Want to request a demo to see Adeption in action? Say hello!

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