ATDtk 2018

A summary of Carl Sanders-Edwards' recent talk at ATDtk 2018. Are we optimizing for the wrong problem? Getting our leaders to know more, rather than apply or act on what they know? Carl suggests taking action is more important than overloading our already-busy leaders...

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What is Adeption?

Are you an LMS, or an e-learning platform? Adeption - what are you? Well, we're about something a bit different. We're about that gap. That gap between all those amazing, wonderful things you know, and the things you should be doing (and most likely aren't). The fruit...

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The future of learning

Food for thought.   "Remember that leadership is learned by doing....Our newest research on high-impact leadership shows that formal training tends to be the least valuable way to build leaders—a focus on culture, exposure*, organizational context, and continuous...

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