Coaching conversations


On-demand digital workouts to coach people through the most common challenges leaders face.





Coaching conversations at a glance.

Who it is for?

Organizations who want to provide topical, quick development for time-poor leaders and individuals who need on demand support.


What's involved?

  • Access to a digital ‘coach in your pocket’
  • 15-2O minute workouts designed to help leaders combat everyday challenges

Point of need support

Always available via the Adeption platform. Use as needed to support working through a challenge; help clarify thinking, and plan a path forward.


Combining People + Tech

Participants are guided through our B3 coaching methodology, while AI delivers personalized tools and insights from other leaders, and coach support if required.

A coach in your pocket.

The library of ready-to-go digital workouts mix and match to the needs and challenges that leaders are facing in the moment. Each 15 minute workout uses the conversational interface in the platform to step a leader through the Adeption B3 methodology – just like a ‘real life’ coach would.  This respects the context leaders are coming from and operating in; giving them the space to contextualize and focus on what they need.  Each conversation prompts reflection, provides tools and insights from others who have faced similar challenges, and helps people to take action on the job.

Learn more about the B3 methodology here.

Coaching conversations in action.

One of your leaders is feeling stressed or overwhelmed. They use the “How do I recalibrate in the moment?” coaching conversation workout to reset and move forward.

Be conscious


Understand yourself and your trigger points

Connect to your body and recognize stress patterns

Identify your feel good moments.

Be curious


Explore centering frameworks and tools.

What’s worked for others to recalibrate in the moment?


Be better


What do you plan to do next time you’re under pressure?

Set personalized reminders.

Come back when you feel you’ve practiced enough and reflect on how you have gone.

Some of our popular coaching conversations.


"How do I set my team direction for success?"

Set a purpose, values, and vision statement to guide and align your team.

"How do I give effective feedback"

Practice with best practices and guidance to improve behavior and enhance results.

"Work is stressing me out"

Discover simple and high impact strategies to reduce stress in work and life.

"I'd rather not have this conversation"

Tackle that upcoming difficult conversation by going through this powerful process.

"Help me make this tough decision"

Get fresh perspective on the difficult decision you’re facing.

"My team needs motivation"

Uncover how to take your team to the next level.

"How do I run a kick ass meeting?"

Audit and elevate your meetings to make the most of team time.

"How do I get breakthrough ideas?"

Take your creative confidence to new heights and generate innovative ideas.

Continuous learning journeys.

Organizations invest heavily in leadership development programs, and participants invest a lot too. The challenge is to combat the typical drop that happens after a learning experience. Ideally, development is never-ending, so participants don’t regress or lose the impact of their leadership focus and the organization extracts even more value from the investment made.

The suite of coaching conversations can be added to a customized leadership development experience. Participants retain access to a platform that they are familiar with, and access ‘point of need’ support for common leadership challenges that they may face post-program.

Interested in coaching conversations for your organization?