Real time visibility into the cultural health of your organization with concrete steps to increase engagement and leadership.





The Uniphi experience at a glance.

Who it is for?

Organizations seeking powerful, real-time insight into leadership and culture.


What's involved?

  • Alignment and audit
  • Surveying
  • Real time results
  • Full Culture view
  • Integrated solutions


Research backed

Academically reviewed and verified by independent experts.  A joint venture between the Conscious Business Institute and Adeption.


5 key elements

The identities focus on the deeper human drivers and needs of your organization, and its people, providing an invaluable tool for unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

What you’ll get from the polling and platform.

Uniphi has been designed to provide key benefits to each of 3 stakeholders responsible for creating and maintaining optimal business performance and culture.

For executives


  • Real-time monitoring of the quality of culture & leadership in the organization.
  • Pull the lever that helps recruitment, builds fulfilment, and increases retention.
  • Have data & insights about culture that can be leveraged for ESG/CSR reporting.

For people leaders


  • Get the guidance needed to support the human beings under your care.
  • Raise important and meaningful conversations with your teams.
  • Conscious Business Institute and Adeption suite of solutions & experts.

For individual contributors and employees


  • Have an informed voice in your organization.
  • Reflect on your own self-awareness, self-leadership, and contributions.
  • Receive your own personal scorecard on individual thriving and wellbeing.

The Conscious Business framework.

The critical elements for a thriving organizational culture are based on the Conscious Business framework.  Our methodology and our assessment(s) have been academically reviewed and verified by a panel of independent experts and researchers trained in psychometrics and organizational development from Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems (OWLS).

Key elements of success.

Uniphi assesses the performance identities necessary for any thriving organization.


Individuals can express their talents, embrace authenticity,  and foster resilience, meeting the need for self expression.


Embracing diversity turns competition into collaboration, fosters connection, accountability, and satisfies the need for connection.


A purposeful culture with courageous vision empowers a change and addresses the universal need for contribution.


Prioritizing social responsibility, sustainability and a holistic definition of success, fulfills the need for security and growth.

Conscious Leadership

Authentic leadership, with dynamic teams & compelling vision, addresses the need for care and appreciation.

The Uniphi journey.


Setting the stage

  • Custom audit and review of your needs and wishes
  • Establish Employee Advisory Board
  • Keynote Webinar (live and interactive) to introduce Uniphi to all participants
  • Calendar/Schedule release of the entire first cycle


Moving to delivery

  • 25 question baseline survey release that will get important data in your hands quickly
  • Daily (or weekly) touchpoints with reflections and opportunity for qualitative feedback
  • Touchpoints continues until we’ve covered the full Conscious Business methodology



Access to data

  • Data aggregated to a full culture view including thriving scorecard and key themes
  • Dashboards updated in real-time for all 3 stakeholder groups
  • Permission-based release


 Integrated solutions

  • Analysis & insights
  • Executive review with Employee Advisory Board
  • Next steps

Interested in Uniphi for your organization?