LOGOS Profile


Shining a light on the true values, priorities, and growth predictors of you and your people.





LOGOS Profile at a glance.

Who it is for?

Individuals who want to get greater leverage on change through deep self discovery.  Leaders who want to understand their  leadership style and improve their ability to understand and lead their team.


What's involved?

  • 3O-4O minute assessment
  • One-hour 1-to-1 or 9O minute team virtual coaching debrief

Highlights opportunities

Promotes accurate and empowering conversations for development, individual zone of genius, shadows and growth edges.

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Unique insight

Typical personality assessments measure 4 to 9 traits. LOGOS measures 63 unique traits, in seven primary categories, unlocking over 1.4 trillion possible Zones of Genius giving you the fine details of your true uniqueness.

What you’ll get from the profile.

For individuals

Insight into your Zone of Genius, the optimal areas of focus to maximize your potential and investment of time.

Tools to recognize and fortify your weakest traits, preventing breakdown through strategic hiring and systematization.

Knowledge of your core archetypes to inform inspirational and motivational goal setting.

​The ability to understand your partners, team, and clients, and the chemistry within those relationships.

Insight into your leadership style and shadows, and how you can optimize your style for your team.

Insight how you can leverage your strengths and minimize weaknesses in relation to your biggest challenge.

For teams

Create a customized development map for each team member to aid growth and engagement.

​Prevent losing your best people by discovering and empowering the team to speak to others “core drivers”.

Improve team productivity and motivation by aligning roles to individual strengths.

Identify aspects of talent are present and missing to inform recruitment, or train new competencies.

Identify burnout levels and how to help manage these.

The LOGOS Profile experience.



Complete the LOGOS assessment, which will begin the process of deep self-inquiry.



Unpack your results in a 1-to-1, or team coaching session to deepen insights and clarify development focuses.



Optional comprehensive report answering your deepest questions about your results, and the shortest path to your aspirations.



Get started with small actions.  Your coach will guide you on how to use reflection to accelerate growth.

Not an ordinary personality test.

Most personality tests like MBTI, Enneagram put you in a box with a “type”, grouping alongside millions of other people – and this misses the fine details that reveals the true uniqueness of you.  LOGOS features over 1.4 trillion unique zone of genius results so individuals are not labeled or forced into a ‘type’.  Development  is measured in forty-two total traits in seven primary categories.
It’s been proven that self assessments are the most unreliable of all psychometric tools – because it’s very easy for us to deceive ourselves with wishful thinking about who we are. The LOGOS profile was specifically designed to overcome self-deception through a Tru-Value System. This presents difficult choices in the assessment that force you to get honest about what really matters to you – and to define where your skill and talent really exist.

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