Leadership Circle Profile™


Connecting well-researched competencies, tendencies and underlying motivating habits of thought.





Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) at a glance.

Who it is for?

Leaders who want to get greater leverage on change by understanding the source of their behavior.


What's involved?

  • Varied assessment time (self and others)
  • One-hour 1-to-1 coaching debrief

Highlights opportunities

Measures and integrates the two primary leadership domains – creative competencies and reactive tendencies – highlighting key development opportunities.



The Leadership Circle Profile™ has over 9OOO+ certified practitioners worldwide.  Adeption has a pool of coaches certified to deliver and debrief the LCP

What you’ll get from the profile.

Insights at an individual, team or organizational aggregated level.

Understand underlying thinking patterns that drive current behavior to unlock new choices and possibilities.

Connect  and understand patterns of action with habits of thought

Measure and integrate the two primary leadership domains – creative competencies and reactive tendencies.

Personalized debrief to identify and action plan the key opportunities for development.

The Leadership Circle Profile experience.



Identify your evaluators using suggested criteria to get results that will be helpful to you.



Confirm your evaluators and complete the self evaluation online.



Receive your LCP.  Unpack your results in a 1-to-1 coaching session to deepen insights and clarify development focuses.



Get started with small actions.  Your coach will guide you on how to use reflection to accelerate growth.

Results revealed in seconds.


Unlike most profiles that take hours to interpret, the Leadership Circle Profile reveals itself in seconds, putting leaders in touch with what is working, what is not, and why.

The leader’s Self Score (bold line) and their rater’s Aggregate Score (green shading) are overlaid on the same graph, enabling leaders to instantly see where they stand not only with those they work but compared with the Leadership Circle global leadership database.

3O+ years in the making.


Backed by deep, credible research

Used by 2OO,OOO+ leaders globally


Experienced in 5,OOO+ organizations


9,OOO+ certified practitioners worldwide



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