Leader Network Diagnostic


Analyze, understand and intentionally build your team’s professional network.





The assessment at a glance.

Who it is for?

Any leader or team wanting to assess and leverage the full potential of their professional network.



What's involved?

  • 2O-minute self assessment
  • Various debrief options (digital, group, or 1-1)
  • Optional reassessment to identify progress and highlight any remaining gaps to improve on


Assesses 4 key principles

  • Openness
  • Diversity
  • Depth
  • Resources




9O% of people surveyed said Network Leader’s approach dramatically improved their effectiveness as a leader.

What you’ll get from the Leader Network Diagnostic.

Identify relationships to cross critical boundaries or provide key resources that your team is missing or underrepresented in their network.

Expand the flow of information and opportunities within your organization.

Inform wellbeing initiatives, so people invest in the right connections to help support them through tough times.

Grow relationships that enable people to more easily navigate complex matrix or flattened hierarchies.

Strengthen relationships that will increase the likelihood of success with professional goals.

Actionable debrief feedback for closing network gaps, and providing pathways to promotions and upward mobility.

The Leader Network Diagnostic experience.



Take an interactive 2O-minute self assessment to visualize and understand your professional networks.



An in-depth and reflective digital workout that includes videos from the creators who help you understand the data and create a plan for improvements.



Work with our coaches to deepen insights of individual or team results and opportunities.



Options to take learning further with reassessment track progress and identify new opportunities.

Key principles.



Are your teams getting outside their bubble of closed connections and recycled information?
What steps can you take to avoid the pitfalls of a closed network?



What organizational boundaries do your relationships cross?
Are there critical boundaries your network needs to span to help achieve your professional goals?



How deep are the relationships inside your core professional network?
Do you have the right type of trust to effectively leverage relationships when needed?



Does the network you’ve built provide the resources needed to achieve current and future success?

The impact of a well-developed network.

Structured networking is an important part of a leader’s development, enabling them to navigate the fast-paced changes in the business world. The practice supports the essential conditions needed to grow vertically and embraces the Adeption B3 methodology:

Be conscious: Evaluating your network highlights silos and areas for introducing diversity of thought.

Be curious: Diversifying connections provides new ideas, practices, and perspectives to experiment with in your role.

Be better: Stepping out of your comfort zone provides opportunities actively engage with individuals across various sectors and backgrounds.

For emerging leaders, the support from their one-up managers in network development is invaluable. Actions such as making strategic introductions, advocating for them, and aiding their personal branding can significantly expedite their growth and help them reach their potential.

Research backing.


Network Leader’s assessments and approach has helped over 4O,OOO professionals analyze, understand, and intentionally build their networks to create greater value for their teams and organization.

Over 4O years of network science shows that individuals with effective networks are:
• More adept at supporting the goals of the organization
• Promoted more rapidly
• More likely to be retained by the organization
• Receive higher bonuses
• Adapt to changing environments more quickly
• Better at leading change and solving difficult work challenges
• Viewed by their peers as more influential
• Rated in the top 2O% of leaders in their organization

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