Grow – Perform – Sustain (GPS) Indicator


Perform at a high level without sacrificing wellbeing and health





The experience at a glance.

Who it is for?

Anyone navigating their career in a fast-paced, performance oriented environment


What's involved?

  • 15-minute assessment
  • 2x 15-Minute Digital Workouts
  • 1 Debrief Workshop

Mitigate burnout

Learn about risk and signals, and practices to protect productive energy.


Based on findings from enduring high performers and how they maintain long-term performance.

What your leaders will experience.

Exceptional clarity into how your current work experiences and approach to work are impacting you now and in the future

Methods that support high performance in various contexts

Actionable tips to make real world changes and informed pivots based on your values, aspirations, and motivation

A full coaching experience to help identify key shifts, take action, and reflect on progress

Understanding burnout in your organization.

The average worker spends more than 2000 hours a year engaged in on-the-job experiences, and only 40 hours on development.

A 2023 survey by Indeed and Forrester of 5026 adults showed that 86% of people believe happiness at work affects their mood at home, as well as their self-confidence, quality of life, and career trajectory.

Leaders play a big role in creating high performing, constructive environments for their teams by identifying growth opportunities, establishing boundaries, and crafting meaningful work assignments.

The Grow-Perform-Sustain experience.



Complete the GPS Indicator to get clear on current growth performance balance, and burnout risk.



Receive the GPS report to understand current status, strengths, and opportunities for development.



Dig into results, apply  learnings, and distill reflections to enable strategic action.



Hear and share real world applications on navigating career balance and mitigating burnout risk.



Clarify top insights, draw on inspiration, and create a clear action plan to move forward.

Backed by research.


In seeking to better understand the patterns emerging between high performance and burnout, Adeption leadership expert Nick Petrie and his team researched enduring high performers including Navy Seals, FBI agents, surgeons, professional athletes, and top business people. His research showed that people who did the best long-term were the ones who learned to balance the intersection of three needs:

  • The need to perform
  • The need to grow themselves
  • The need to not burn out

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