Art of Resilience


Receive insights on how you respond to challenge and change — and get proven tools to grow your resilience.





The Art of Resilience at a glance.

Who it is for?

Any leaders facing unprecedented changes and pressures


What's involved?

  • 35-minute assessment
  • Debrief (digital workout, group, or 1-1)

Mitigate burnout

Build individual awareness, promotes best practice sharing among teams, and drives behavior change that fosters organizational engagement over time.


30 years of research from Dr. Derek Roger, world-leading expert on stress management and resilience.

What you’ll get from the Art of Resilience.

Understand your resiliency scores and what they mean

Greater awareness of  how you tend to respond to the everyday challenges life throws at you

Identify the areas you need to work on most right now to decrease your stress and increase your resilience over time

Learning and framing to better manage pressure vs. stress, rumination vs. reflection and  worry vs. care.

Fresh thinking about your circle of control and perspective taking

Expert insight into action topics such as how to reset after setbacks and what it means to wake up and live intentionally

Why resilience matters.

Stress and burnout are top issues at workplaces, but they are rarely discussed in actionable, productive ways.  The answer to thriving in this fast-paced, ever changing landscape lies in resilience – building the ability to cope with challenges, recalibrate your mindset, and thrive despite adversity.

Resilience is not an innate trait you either have or don’t. It’s a muscle that can be developed and nurtured. A skill set you can cultivate and enhance with direction. Resilience minimizes the stress and negative impact we experience when faced with uncertainty, hardship, volatility, and change. Resilience also softens the bounce back from the challenges and curve balls life inevitably throws our way.

Your steps towards resilience.


The Art of Resilience assessment is scored by AI, using machine learning to quickly turn out results. This ease of use and expense makes it scalable to support all leaders in an organization. 

Participants are guided through these digital debrief steps, to build better resilience for their own context.  These focus on challenges that are relevant in right now and design actions that drive the behavior change most needed to grow resilience, amplify impact, and enjoy life.


Learn about the differences between and practice of reflection vs. rumination.

Wake Up

‘Wake Up!’ to be more present, purposeful, and focus your attention on the now.


Distance yourself from stressful situations and take a bird’s eye view of them.  Put, and keep, things in perspective.

Let Go

Finally, let go of things that don’t hold any value, or are outside of your control.


The Art of Resilience experience.



Complete the Art of resilience assessment about your current approaches and response to challenge and change.



Receive the Art of resilience report to understand stress patterns and resilience opportunities across 8 scales.



Digital workout, group, or 1-1. Dig into each result with explanations and coaching questions to identify key focus areas that make an impact.



Apply learnings and navigate challenge and change with deliberate intention and planning vs. rumination

Backed by research.


The Art of Resilience brings 30 years of widely-recognized published research from Dr. Derek Roger, a world-leading expert on stress management and resilience, and years of teaching and application by Nick Petrie, a global leadership development expert. They are co-authors of the book Work Without Stress. The Art of Resilience is based on the Challenge of Change Resilience Training © developed by The Work Skills Centre Ltd.

Dr Derek Roger qualified originally in psychology, but the emphasis in his work subsequently shifted towards neuroscience.  His ground-breaking research, mainly at the University of York in England and later at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, has made him one of the world’s leading experts on resilience and stress management.  Derek applies his significant experience at the cutting edge of neuroscience and psychology to working situations in an insightful and commercially relevant manner. Read more.

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