Adeption 36O


Gain clarity on impact and feedback for growth from managers, direct reports, peers, and others.





The Adeption 36O at a glance.

Who it is for?

Leaders and professionals at every level of your organization.


What's involved?

  • 45 minute assessment
  • 45 minute 1-1 coach debrief
  • 2O minute digital debrief workout

Strengths based

Pinpoint your top strengths and growth opportunities in the core competencies of Character, Capability, Results, People, and Change.


Building awareness

Insights at an individual, team or organizational aggregated level mean people can make informed choices and leverage strengths when developing their leadership capability.

What you’ll get from the Adeption 36O.

For leaders

Get clarity and self awareness of how others experience your leadership and impact.

Uncover blind spots and boost self-awareness to grow and excel in your career.

Set goals and plan actions, with access to world-class leadership tools for inspiration.

One to one coach support to deepen insights and accelerate progress through action.

For organizations

Enable and encourage a culture of feedback, accountability and continuous improvement.

Improve relationships, communication and productivity across the business.

Empower leaders to accelerate their growth with rich feedback, supporting better results and engagement.

Option to generate a rich insight report where results from individual assessments are aggregated into key business themes.

Assessing key leadership competencies.


The Adeption 36O is designed to provide rich insights into strengths and development areas as perceived by the people you work with. The summary view will helps to identify strengths and development opportunities, in addition to highlighting gaps between self and others ratings. 

Each competency cluster includes further comprehensive breakdown of behaviors under that theme.  Leadership competency clusters:

  • Character
  • Capability
  • Results
  • People
  • Change

The Adeption 36O experience.



Understand the process, nominate your raters and complete the 36O self-assessment.



Receive your full 36O report and begin to unpack your results through a digital workout.



1-1 support session to deepen insights and clarify development focuses.



Get started with small actions and use reflection to accelerate growth.

Why awareness lenses matter in leadership.

Great leadership isn’t about getting everything right, all of the time. It’s about developing deep self-awareness, playing to your strengths, and constantly striving to serve others better.

Yet even the most self-aware leader has a limited view of their performance and impact without high quality feedback.

Self awareness involves deep personal honesty. It comes from asking and answering hard questions.”

Stephen R. Covey

When awareness assessments are used in a blended leadership development program, impact is accelerated!  A 36O at the beginning of a program is used to identify emerging strengths (and any critical flaws) to develop during the experience.  The repeated assessment post program helps participants sustain their leadership development and track the benefits from the investment made.

Interested in the Adeption 36O for your leaders or your organization?