Can digital nudging develop you?
Of course it can.  I know it as I now have new habits, with the benefits from them thanks to reminders and nudges I have set up in Adeption workouts.  However, what does the research say?  Is it just a little bit possible that I’m biased after all….?
Well this morning I read this research.  Spoiler alert, even if I am biased it’s still true.  Here is a summary of the key points;
Individuals who received 2 text messages a day prompting them with reminders of intentions, self-reflection tasks, psychoeducation, and individual feedback demonstrated increased self-discipline.
Messages like, “Good morning, Gail. You have set yourself the following goals for today: Call 5 people and set aside 60 minutes to work on your business. We wish you a lot of success in achieving your goals and look forward to your progress!”
Four important factors
1) Contrast current state to desired stage (our Be conscious stage or use of assessments with a digital or personal debrief)
2) Activate existing motivations, skills and social support (asking “what works?”,  “what do you already know” questions and utilizing peers)
3) Reflective – activate exploration of underlying assumptions (reflecting on insights, asking for barriers to actions)
4) Target practice in action (enough said)